Most New Jobs

As you’re evaluating the career options available to you, one of your considerations should be the number of job openings there will be in the field over the coming years. When there are a lot of openings within an occupation, that means that your skills should remain in high demand. And since lots of employers need the skills that you have, you have a little more flexibility in where you choose to work.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the occupations projected to have the most new jobs created between 2010-2020. You’ll notice that most of these jobs are entry level, and do not have formal educational requirements.

Before you read further, there’s one important thing to understand: these are not necessarily the fastest growing occupations, even though they are projected to have the most job openings. You can see a list of fastest growing jobs here.

Occupation New Jobs (2010-20) Current jobs Median Salary Median Hourly Required Education
Registered nurse 711,900 2,618,720 $69,110 $33.23 Associate’s degree
Retail salesperson 706,800 4,489,200 $25,130 $12.08 On the job training
Home health aide 706,300 921,680 $21,820 $10.49 On the job training
Office clerk 489,500 3,024,380 $28,920 $13.90 On the job training
Customer service representative 338,400 2,252,430 $33,120 $15.92 On the job training
Truck driver 330,100 1,798,420 $39,830 $19.15 On the job training
Childcare worker 262,000 1,301,870 $39,830 $19.15 On the job training
Cashier 250,200 3,549,960 $20,230 $9.73 On the job training
Elementary school teacher 248,800 1,549,520 $54,270 N/A Bachelor’s degree
Receptionist 248,500 1,139,180 $26,7300 $12.85 On the job training
Janitor 246,400 2,375,300 $24,840 $11.94 On the job training
Landscaper 240,800 1,205,830 $25,650 $12.33 On the job training

All statistical data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Career One Stop