What Can I Do With a Major in Biology?

In college, biology majors learn many valuable skills that directly translate to the working world (even when their jobs aren’t directly related to biology at all). For example, students who major in biology gain a lot of experience running experiments, analyzing results, and formulating hypotheses. These are very valuable skills in all types of business, and every organization needs to hire people who are able to perform those tasks well.

Many biology majors attend graduate school after completing their undergraduate program. Some study biology or other natural sciences, while others go to medical school and train to become a doctor, veterinarian, zoologist, pharmacist, or one of many other related occupations. One of the great things about majoring in biology is that there are so many paths you can take depending on your personal interests and goals.

Some students who major in biology end up working in a field that’s directly related to their studies. Health technologists, physician assistants, and biological scientists are a few of the most common career choices for biology majors. Not all graduates work in an occupation that’s directly related to their major, though. Many graduates work in sales, education, management, and marketing.

Biology majors who don’t attend a graduate program make a median salary of $51,000 per year, which is a little below the median salary for graduates from all other majors combined. Don’t let that fact stop you from pursuing a degree in biology if it’s what you’re passionate about, though.

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Career Options for Biology Majors

Below is a list of common career options for biology majors. This isn’t a comprehensive list, as students who major in biology go on to do many interesting things. However, this list should give you an idea of the types of work that would be available to you with a degree in biology.

Occupation Job Search Median Salary Median Hourly Current jobs Outlook Required Education
Allergist Search jobs $166,400+ $80.00+ 661,370 Good Doctoral degree
Audiologist Search jobs $66,660 $32.05 12,790 Good Doctoral degree
Biochemist Search jobs $79,390 $38.17 25,100 Good Doctoral degree
Biologist Technician Search jobs $39,020 $18.76 79,500 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Cardiovascular Technician Search jobs $49,410 $23.75 49,480 Good Associate’s degree
Chiropractor Search jobs $67,200 $32.31 49,100 Good Doctoral degree
College Professor Search jobs $62,050 $29.83 1,756,000 Good Graduate Degree
Conservation Scientist Search jobs $57,420 $27.61 18,330 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Dentist Search jobs $146,920 $70.63 120,180 Normal Doctoral Degree
Elementary School Teacher Search jobs $51,660 $24.84 1,549,520 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Environmental Science Technician Search jobs $41,380 $19.89 29,600 Good Associate’s degree
Environmental Scientist Search jobs $61,700 $29.66 89,400 Good Bachelor’s degree
Epidemiologist Search jobs $63,010 $30.29 5,000 Good Master’s degree
Family Physician Search jobs $166,400 $80.00 661,370 Good Doctoral degree
Food Science Technician Search jobs $32,760 $15.75 21,300 Normal Associate’s Degree
Food Scientist Search jobs $58,450 $28.10 13,900 Normal Bachelor’s Degree
High School Teacher Search jobs $53,230 $25.59 1,109,500 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Kindergarten Teacher Search jobs $48,800 $23.46 179,520 Normal Bachelor’s Degree
Microbiologist Search jobs $65,920 $31.69 16,850 Normal Doctoral Degree
Middle School Teacher Search jobs $51,960 $24.98 659,460 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Hydrologist Search jobs $75,690 $36.39 8,130 Normal Master’s Degree
Nutritionist Search jobs $53,250 $25.60 60,260 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Pharmacist Search jobs $111,570 $53.64 269,900 Good Doctoral Degree
Physical Therapist Search jobs $76,310 $36.69 185,500 Good Master’s Degree
Physician Assistant Search jobs $86,410 $41.54 74,780 Good Master’s Degree
Podiatrist Search jobs $118,030 $56.75 12,190 Normal Doctoral Degree
Surgeon Search jobs $166,400+ $80.00+ 661,370 Good Doctoral Degree
Veterinarian Search jobs $67,090 $32.25 59,700 Good Doctoral Degree
Zoologist Search jobs $57,430 $27.61 19,530 Normal Doctoral Degree