So What Can You Do With a Major in Biology?

Believe it or not, the goal of a biology major should be to learn as many valuable skills that directly translate to the working world as possible. These skills may not even be directly related to biology at all. For example, biology majors gain vast experience creating and managing experiments, analyzing results, and formulating hypotheses. This is immensely valuable in all types of business and every organization needs to hire people who have the aptitude to do these tasks in complex environments.

Some biology major graduates do end up working in a field that is directly related to their studies. Health technologists, physician assistants, food science technicians, and environmental science researches, for example. However with the powerful analytical skills these students develop, many find themselves happily employed in business, education, management, and other corporate industries.

Biology majors who do not attend a graduate program make a median salary of $62,000 per year, which is a above the median salary for graduates of other science fields.