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So What Can You Do With a Major in Biology?

Believe it or not, the goal of a biology major should be to learn as many valuable skills that directly translate to the working world as possible. These skills may not even be directly related to biology at all. For example, biology majors gain vast experience creating and managing experiments, analyzing results, and formulating hypotheses. This read more »

Techniques for Acing Your Next Interview

Staying Relaxed Before Your Interview By far the best way to walk into an interview calm, cool and confident is to simply rehearse beforehand. Practicing beforehand helps your mind derive and thoughts into coherent statements that will be easier to recall when you're on the spot. Practicing also helps you work out how you want to phrase your answe read more »

Soft Skills Drive Your Interview Success - What are they?

As job seekers we all spend immense amounts of time refining our skills, whether that means high tech skills, business skills, marketing skills, or just interview preparations (resume writing, test interview questions). However, there is another set of skills that are just as important, possibly even more, to our interview success. These are calle read more »