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Welcome to the All Job Openings Resource Center. Here we attempt to highlight various growing industries on a monthly basis and give you a glimpse into each one. These industries will vary greatly and may not be in your career interests - and that's a good thing. We want to create well rounded job seekers who better understand the in's and out's of the job market in many industries, not just their own.

Resource Topic Listing of the Month : Medical Jobs

For physicians in any of the primary care fields of family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, as well as hospital medicine, there is an excellent directory resource specifically tailored for your needs on Total eMedical. Total eMedical curates the best position openings advertised by hospitals, medical facilities, private practices, and from recruitment agencies as well.

Our 2nd place pick is an older resource that is still updated daily with job titles. It's The site started back in 2012 during the initial phases of the Affordable Care Acts inception and rollout when there was a huge need for clarity among physicians new to the industry of recruitment and the ever changing laws that surround it.

And finally, a resource not necessarily for PCP but for the hospitalist specialty, is a resource The site describes itself as a"compilation of physician employment sites to help you locate your next perm or locum tenens position. These hospitalist job sites are location specific which helps you quickly locate a potential opportunity in your desired state or city."  The site is updated daily with the latest job openings so you can be sure know what you are applying to are fresh openings that have not been filled.